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Product: Audeo Q90 312

Price: $2,245.00

Brand: Phonak

Model: Audeo Q90 312


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Audeo Q90 312

The AUDEO Q90 312 is part of Phonak's Premium Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing instrument with Canal Receiver technology (CRT). Built on Phonak's "Quest" sound processing platform, the AUDEO is a great choice for those who want the highest level performance in an extremely small and discreet hearing instrument. All Audeo models also offer the flexibility of connecting with Phonak's Wireless or Bluetooth accessories.  It is virtually invisible behind your ear, and with its light weight, it's also extremely comfortable.

The Audeo can be fitted with 3 different power level receivers, and can accommodate Mild to Severe hearing losses. The Audeo Q90 312 is powered by size 312 hearing aid batteries.

The Phonak Audeo Q90 312 features 20 channels and is a PREMIUM line hearing instrument.

FREE Programming
 your aids will be professionally and precisely programmed for you to your individual hearing loss.

FREE PilotOne Remote Control (a $250 value) when you purchase (2) aids


Signature features:

- Speech in Wind: in binaural fittings, this feature significantly increases speech comprehension and comfort where wind affects one ear more than the other.  Speech in wind allows you to enjoy conversations even on a windy day

- autoStereoZoom: in binaural fittings, StereoZoom has the unique ability to significantly narrow the microphone beam, allowing you to focus on a single voice in a noisy crowd - automatically. This feature is activated when Audeo detects speech in loud noise.

- auto ZoomControl: in binaural fittings, automatically tracks and focuses on speech, regardless of the direction, without the need to face the speaker. When focusing to one side, the speech signal is picked up and amplified by the instrument on that side; simultaneously the entire signal is streamed to the other ear. As a result, the desired signal is heard in both ears.

- auto Acclimatization: increases the amplification over several months - gradually, comfortably and automatically. This ensures that hearing instrument wearers, especially new users, can transition effortlessly to the amplification they need.

- DuoPhone: when placing the telephone on your preferred ear, DuoPhone will send the call to both sides.

- FlexControl: instead of just making sounds louder or softer, FlexControl enables the system to understand the intention of a manual action. For example, when listening to music, "up" means a desire for fuller sound, while this same action when conversing in noise means the need for more clarity. So even though the user action is the same, the resulting FlexControl adjustments are quite different.

- WhistleBlock Technology: for feedback free hearing. It differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback, resulting in increased audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback.

The Phonak Audeo Q - now available from Express Hearing Aids - your direct online source for top quality hearing instruments. As always, we recommend you first consult with your hearing care provider before choosing this, or any other hearing instrument.


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"Product worked as advertised. Excellent service and support"
Harry M., January 29, 2012

"What a great experience -- no hassle at all. Super fast service and the hearing aids work perfectly. I could not be more pleased with the whole experience."
Gerard M., January 22, 2012

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