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Product: Siemens Pure XCel 701

Price: $1,750.00

Brand: Siemens

Model: Pure XCel 701


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Buy (2) Siemens aids and get the following special offers:
- ProPocket / Recharger Combo $0
- Tek / Recharger Combo $350
- miniTek / Recharger Combo $400
Buy (1) Siemens aid and get the following special offers:
- ProPocket / Recharger Combo $200
- Tek / Recharger Combo $450
- miniTek / Recharger Combo $500


Local service included in our price! If you need an adjustment done, just visit with your neighborhood hearing professional, then submit a copy of your receipt. We will reimburse you up to $100 per aid for any service done within 30 days after receiving your aids

Siemens Pure XCel 701

The Pure, now with XCel - the next generation of BestSound technology, is Siemens’ high end Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing instrument. Pure's receiver-in-Canal (RIC) technology allows for a very small and light weight configuration, for the utmost in discreet hearing performance.  The Siemens Pure XCel 701 has 16 channels, nearly invisible, and is fully compatible with optional Siemens accessories, including wireless remotes, Bluetooth accessories and convenience charger.

FREE Recharger ($200 value) and ProPocket Remote ($150 value) when you purchase of a pair of aids (limit 1 free offer per customer)

FREE Programming - simply email or fax us your audiogram, and our Siemens trained and licensed professionals will program your new aids to your specifications.


Signature Features:


SpeechFocus: unique to the Pure 701, SpeechFocus automatically focuses on the dominant speech, no matter which direction it’s coming from. Conveniently activated through the program button or through the optional remote control, SpeechFocus allows you to follow a conversation, even when the speaker is in back of you.


SoundBrilliance: provides a richer and fuller hearing experience by extending higherer frequency sounds.


TruEar: sophisticated feature that simulates the normal acoustics of the ear, allowing user to localize sound more naturally.


e2e wireless 2.0: wirelessly synchronizes your hearing aids so they are always working together. Volume and program changes made to one hearing aid automatically repeats on the other.


The Pure incorporates the latest innovations from Siemens – BestSound Technology – combining science with subtlety and bringing you a listening experience that is perfectly suited to your needs. Designed for utmost discretion, Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an almost invisible, ultra-small size. Pure is the ultimate in concealed hearing instruments.


Disclaimer: Siemens advises all potential hearing aid candidates to seek the advice of their hearing professional before purchasing this, or any other hearing instrument. Siemens also recommends all hearing aid users seek professional, one-on-one service to obtain maximum benefits from their hearing instruments.


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"Product worked as advertised. Excellent service and support"
Harry M., January 29, 2012

"What a great experience -- no hassle at all. Super fast service and the hearing aids work perfectly. I could not be more pleased with the whole experience."
Gerard M., January 22, 2012

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Motion Micon 3mi

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Price: $1,150.00

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